'Juggle' - The Alternative Orchestra.

'Juggle' is an original composition written for The Alternative Orchestra at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, performed live at the Bradshaw Hall in Birmingham in January 2024. It was inspired from the concept of juggling many aspects of one's life at the same time.

For myself, this was a musical echo of the busy combination of work, university and personal parts of my life. Above all, 'Juggle' serves as an optimistic outlook, and is inspired by various film scores ranging from Mission Impossible to Madagascar.

Original Compositions

Here is a selection of compositions written as standalone works, in a variety of styles, to demonstrate the range of music available for your work.

The Field of Reeds 

'The Field of Reeds' is a composition for a story about the Ancient Egyptian afterlife, named as 'The Field of Reeds'. The use of piano, strings, synths and vocals was to replicate the feeling of peace.

Tardus et Stabilis

'Tardus et Stabilis' is latin for 'slow and steady', which was the inspiration for this piece, a reference to the fable 'slow and steady wins the race'. It uses slow moving passages, using synths and strings as the core driving force, with pitch bends and slides to provide some unnatural textures

Personality Theory 

A track written for a self-questioning character, who is obsessed with figuring out who they are, 'Personality Theory' as a title references the studies of personality.

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